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We create world-class digital products, web design solutions, and branding for your business.







We create world-class digital products, web design solutions, and branding for your business.


We are here to solve the problems you are facing. Our services cover all aspects of your business's digital footprint and beyond. Our simplest offering can create websites and upgrade social media channels for you and your business, whilst our more complex packages can support you with product design and problem-solving within your organisation. To help us we have developed our own iteration of the groundbreaking Google Design Sprint methodology. We can guarantee a high fidelity prototype, tested by real users, as a solution to your problem within 5 days, putting potentially months and months of work and expense into one high powered week.

We work in partnership with teams and individuals to develop capability and create opportunities to enable innovation. We love to create innovative solutions that can help to breathe life into your organisation and assist in creating social value within the communities in which we work.

Our team brings together vast experience and expertise in a diverse range of disciplines that allows us to provide a full end to end product and service design package that will develop capability within your business and create opportunities for innovation and growth.

At AC Media & Innovation we know we don't have all of the answers, we work within a trusted creative ecosystem that provides further expertise in all aspects of design and innovation. Our network allows us to effectively collaborate with others and bring people together in the spirit of open innovation. We want to empower your team to approach business problems more effectively and innovate,

By choosing to work with AC Media & Innovation you are collaborating with a highly efficient and talented team. Our products are proven to work and are championed by companies such as Google & Facebook.

We firmly believe that it is entirely possible for ordinary businesses to choose to be extraordinary.

Take a look around and get in touch if you would like any help or to arrange a meeting. There is absolutely no obligation, we just really want to learn about you and understand how we can help bring your ideas to life...

Our Partners.





Our passion is creating innovative solutions that deliver positive change and add social value to the communities we serve. Whether we are working to increase equality, improve well being or to provide environmental sustainability within communities or streamlining processes and systems for an organisation, we ensure our client and their product or service users are at the heart of everything we do. We want to understand you, your business and your community and be by your side as you prosper and grow. We use our own lean and agile design thinking approach, alongside user experience research to be able to innovate and improve every stage of your user journey.

We love what do and we want you to love it too.

Lots of our current work is under wraps until the products have reached the launch stage.  However, here are a couple of the projects we have been working on...

We Listen. We Create. We Deliver.

We worked on a new website and customer hub application with Abacus Securities Ltd from concept stage right through to iteration with a live prototype. Our design sprints and Elevator Lab sessions enabled a swift process that lead to a rapid product launch. By growing and innovating within the digital space, Abacus Securities are now seeing higher customer satisfaction results and improved customer retention.

The process that Alan and the team led us through was brilliant. The professionalism and creativity demonstrated at every stage was mind-blowing and we couldn't be happier with our product.


- Steven Baker (MD Abacus Securities Ltd)

Our Elevator Lab helped Allerton Windows to overcome some internal business challenges by guiding and coaching the team through our process. We held 2 Elevator sessions in the space of one day and left the business with tangible and actionable results that could be implemented to increase productivity and efficiency.

The problems that Alan and his team helped us to solve will allow us to focus our attention on growing our business. We couldn't believe how quickly they where able to generate solutions to our challenges and also train us all along the way.


- Tony Hanratty (MD Allerton Windows)

The AC Media & Innovation design sprint was crucial in the early stages of our innovation project at Boroughcare, we where able to kick start their project and direct investment into 5 days rather than months of research and development. We used our insights to coach the team and enable a culture for innovation. We also used our sessions to develop a series of posters that would be used to build morale in the care homes.

The insights provided to us by Alan and the team have proven to be invaluable as we work on enabling innovation at Boroughcare and we will certainly be working with AC Media & Innovation again on future projects.


- Lee Omar (Non Exec Director Boroughcare)

The challenges of Covid-19 meant that our collaboration with Red Ninja Labs on a project with UCLA, was completed 100% remotely. This gave us lots to think about and allowed us to test drive some brilliant new technology as we delivered workshops with attendees that spanned the globe, from the UK, USA, Brazil & Canada. Our work on this project continues as we are looking to develop a mobile application that has the potential to help thousands of people.




In a short time our work has allowed us to collaborate with a wide range of businesses and teams, ranging from long-established, traditional organisations right through to fast-moving, disruptive start-up tech innovators.


UK5G Innovation Network

Keele University & 

Engineers 4 NHS

Red Ninja Labs

Abacus Securities LTD

Boroughcare Care Homes

University of California UCLA

Allerton Windows LTD


Our network is extensive and whatever your project needs, our ecosystem will provide.  However, we also understand that as a client you need a familiar face that you can trust.

If you would like us to join you on your next project then we are looking forward to hearing from you. Our creative director, Alan, is on hand to get our partnership started.

Alan Culvin

Creative Director

Tom Casey

Digital Marketing Manager




We can work with organisations, across a wide range of industry sectors to create bespoke, innovative and exciting user experiences.

We can't wait to hear from you!



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We Listen. We Create. We Deliver.

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