"Collaboration equals innovation"

- Michael Dell


Empowering people, communities, and organisations to develop capability and create opportunities to become problem-solving experts. We want to help your business to enable a culture of innovation and growth.


A Design Sprint is a rapid, facilitated set of custom exercises that help to identify key pain points, ideate solutions, and validate actionable next steps. Created by Google Ventures in 2015, a Design Sprint combines the best-of-the-best aspects of design thinking, business leadership, social psychology, and problem-solving.

Common ways of moving forward often fail to meet expectations. Internally-run sessions, solving problems in isolation, or assigning one person to ‘figure it out’ doesn’t always get to the root of the issue. 


With the experience and support of the AC Media & Innovation team, we are confident that this approach to problem-solving will always bring out the very best in you and your team.

Don't invest money into months of research and iterating when we can find your solution in 5 days!

After the sprint you will have a version of your product in your hand, you will have real user feedback to guide your next steps, making decisions on your project becomes a lot easier.


You could use a second sprint to iterate and polish the idea, bringing it very close to production-ready, or you could use the prototype to sell the idea further and develop the concept.

Our Elevator Lab is a rapid process that will find solutions to all of your internal problems within 1 hour, with zero need for discussion. The Elevator Lab will always leave your team with tangible results that can be easily integrated into your organisation.

Working remotely?

Working with distributed teams can be tricky. Some of our own workshops have had participants from the UK, USA, Canada and Venezuela all working on the same projects. So what about running 100% remote virtual design sprints? 

We are bringing potentially months of work into one high powered week of sprinting. With no travel, no hotel reservations or no other restrictions. All participants join in from the comfort of their own home. Welcome to the future.


Only a few years ago it would have been impossible to create such a service, but the tools are here and our team have built a bespoke toolkit that allows us to bring you a remote service like no other. Tools such as Miro have been developed to make them suitable for facilitating a sprint workshop, so accompanied by our experience we are ready to join you on your design journey.

We use the video conferencing tool, Zoom, to exchange information in realtime, while tools such as Miro and Figma allow us to hold practical exercises and prototype sessions.

If you would like to learn more about how our remote working can help you then please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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