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Abacus Securities Ltd are a North West based security systems company, specialising in the installation, service and maintenance to both commercial and domestic systems. Formed in 2002, Abacus can boast over 50 years worth of experience in the security industry.


Abacus where looking to improve their customer experience by expanding their business into the digital space. Aftercare and customer retention is crucial to achieving growth and a service that could provide customers access to all of the services available at ASL, would support this ambition. There was also a desire to provide a new website that would improve the digital presence for the company.

Challenges & Opportunities 

Is a customer app needed and/or wanted by clients?

Customers do not all have the same level of accessibility and/or capability.

What are the legal and GDPR factors to consider?

Potential to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customer perception would increase due to impressive digital presence.

To design an industry leading customer app.

How can we ensure the brand carries through all digital platforms.


Our Research

We took a design thinking approach and implemented our design sprint methodology. We facilitated focus groups with key stakeholders to understand challenges and develop some key guiding principles for the design.

We identified users and conducted detailed interviews, analysed the user journey and fully immersed ourselves in the customer experience at Abacus.

We created user personas and product scenarios in order to build a clear picture of who we where designing for.


Our workshop sessions allowed us to align the Abacus team behind a single challenge that we could aim to solve. Through bespoke design exercises we created sketches, customer maps, and user journeys. Our design sprint sessions guarantee a fully clickable, high fidelity prototype and by the end of the design sprint we where able to give the team something visual that could work and gather feedback.

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